Gate of Happiness

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Country of Origin: Turkey
Size of this rug:   4’3inx5’9in  |  1.3mx1.75m
Material: Wool
Dyes: Natural Vegetal
Color Palette: Gold/Turmeric/Teal/Black  
Value of Rug: $3,210.00 USD
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History of Design:
Gate of Happiness is a classic Şal design from the Zara region of Turkey. 
It is woven rich colors to represent the joy of Paradise. 

The stripes are the paths to eternal life.
Each stipe represents one of the paths you might choose to reach the Gate of Happiness that at the entrance to Paradise.

Paisleys are a symbol of life and eternity. 
The shape of the paisley also represents a leaf or water droplet.
The droplet gives life to the soil; Mother Nature in turn provides trees, plants, fruits, and leaves - the paisley itself. 
The roosters play a role in the cycle of life, providing fertilizer for food to grow.